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Ch Meydak Tsar Zsa

Zsa Zsa

Ch Meydak Tsar Zsa
'Zsa Zsa'

Zsa Zsa is my up and coming star . She has won 6 baby puppy of groups and 2 baby of shows ,8 minor puppy of groups and 2 minor of shows and 6 puppy of groups and only just over 9 months of age . Also she was titled as a minor puppy . She is a delight to own and has a super temperament and movement like all my Drakesleat bred dogs She was only shown for 6 months then  retired early because of my ill health 


Major wins include

2 nd May 2015          Capricorn Coast Kennel Club                  Mrs R Ralphs NSW                     Baby Puppy of Group

3rd May 2015            Rockhampton Kennel Club                      Ms C Stuart    NSW                    Baby Puppy of Group

9th May 2015            Cootamundra ABKC                                Mrs D Hyde  ACT                        Baby Puppy of Group

10th May 2015          Cootamundra ABKC                                Mr Derek Hyde                            Baby Puppy of Group

11th May 2015          Cootamundra ABKC                                Mrs L Childs NSW                       Baby Puppy of Group

20th May 2015          Alpha show Society                                  Mrs T McDonald Qld                   Baby puppy of group

20th May 2015          Alpha Show Society                                 Mrs T Mc Donald                        Baby Puppy of Show

23rd May 2015          Sarina K C                                                Mrs K Hardwicke NZ                   Baby puppy of group

23rd May 2015          Sarina Kennel Club                                  Mrs K Hardwicke  NZ                  Baby Puppy of Show

24th May 2015          Sarina Kennel Club                                  Ms Sandra Reeve NSW              Baby Puppy of Group

24th May 2015           Clermont Show Society                           Mrs  M Rose  Qld                        Minor puppy of Group

27th May 2015          Clermont Show Society                            Mrs M Rose QLD                        Minor Puppy of Show

30th May 2015          Bowen Kennel Club (AM)                         Mr J Bryson NSW                       Minor Puppy of Group

30th May 2015          Bowen Kennel Club (PM)                         Mr G Winch    QLD                      Minor Puppy of Group

31st May 2015          Bowen Kennel Club                                  Mrs S Bruno QLD                        Minor Puppy of Group

3rd June 2015           Emerald Show Society                             Mrs J Croad  QLD                       Minor Puppy of Group

3rd July 2015            Moree Kennel Club                                   Mr Ken Hammond AF SM           Minor Puppy of Group

5th July 2015            Moree Kennel Club                                   Mr R Harbin NSW                        Minor Puppy of Group

23rd Agust 2015       Condoblin Kennel Club                             Mrs S Rickard VIC                       Minor Puppy of Group

24th August 2015     Condoblin Kennel Club                             Mr J Connel Tas                           Minor Puppy of Group

26th august 2015      Peak Hill Show Society                             Mrs E Benson NSW                     Minor puppy of Group

26th August 2015     Peak Hill Show Society                             Mrs E Benson NSW                     Minor Puppy of Show

29th August 2015     Condoblin Kennel Club                             Mrs V Morrow NSW                     Puppy of Group

30th August 2015     Condoblin Kennel Club                             Ms C Stuart NSW                        Puppy of Group

11th Sept 2015         N.E.L.K.A                                                  Mr S Mills ACT                             Puppy of Group

12th Sept 2015         N.E.L.K.A                                                  Ms C Paine NSW                         Puppy of Group

13th Sept  2015        Dogs NSW Nth Region                             Ms N Harris Vic                            Puppy of Group

30th October 2015    Goulburn Kennel Club                              Ms M Eather NSW                       Puppy of Group

3 June 2017              Gin AP and I Society                                Ms Gannon NSW                          Intermediate in Group

13 October 2019        Sarina KC                                                Mr Andrew Burt Vic                       State Bred in Group 

Ch Meydak Tsar Zsa

Breed : Miniature Dachshund (Wire Haired) Bred by : Barry Meyers
Sex : Bitch Owned by : Barry Meyers
Call Name : Zsa Zsa Handled by : Barry Meyers
Date of Birth : 27-Nov-14 Available for stud : N/A


Grand  Ch Jiljac Tsar Very Much .JW (Imp UK) Eng Ch Drakesleat Otton the Scent Eng Ch Drakesleat Otto Bahn
Eng Ch Drakesleat Lettuce Inn
Drakesleat Russia Bout to Jiljac Int Ch Drakesleat Humphrey Go cart
Eng Ch Drakesleat Sue She
Ch Meydak Ott Chilli Philly Ch Drakesleat Fred Leicester (Imp UK) Eng Ch Drakesleat Cheez Doff
Foxearth Fairy Thimble of Drakesleat
Ch Drakesleat Otton Spicy(Imp UK) Eng Ch Drakesleat Otton the Scent
Eng Ch Drakesleat Knot on yer Nelly

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