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Why Drakesleat ?



You will see here on the following pages, the reasons I chose Drakesleat Kennels as the Best Bloodlines in the World, and the lines on which to establish my kennels  .Having reached the "Three score and ten" years as the saying goes, I am in overdraft. Although very healthy and from a line of "long livers", I don't have the luxury of time like I did when I started out in Standard smooth had to be done right the first time.

I looked around at various shows in Sydney and in Brisbane to find suitable stock on which to build my strain .  I thought that I had seen a lot better mini wires in UK a few years back,and decided to look there for better quality dogs   I always liked the Rigols when I was in UK ,,not only were they good ,,but also had great dappled coats  They had all gone, as had their owner,  Mrs E E (Mum) Grosvenor Workman and her daughter Jill who was the main stay of the kennel for many years  had both gone to heaven   Then I remembered Drakesleat  . They were good then ,but had actually got a lot better .  I decided to try and get that particular bloodline  After waiting a while for suitable stock ,I had Drakesleat Fred Leicester and Drakesleat Otton Spicy arrive in Quarantine .  I was delighted and as for temperament there was nothing like it here  Both became champions quickly and I have had 1 litter from those two with two champions in it   Since then I acquired another pure Drakesleat bred dog my Grand Ch Jiljak Tsar Very Much JW (Imp UK) and  a bitch Ch Agwyr Anglo Duchess ,by my Ch Drakesleat Fred Leicester (ImpUK) ex Ch Foxearth Daisy Flower  by  Eng and Jap Ch  Drakesleat Trier Winshoten and out of a bitch by Ch Drakesleat Otto Bahn  So now I have established myself with the great world famous Drakesleat bloodlines  Plus I have semen here too from Eng Ch Drakesleat Ottoff The Press thanks to Zena 

I am quietly confident that by line breeding my dogs to their famous ancestors and careful selection of stock will make us a strong team

Zena the owner and breeder of the world famous Drakesleat kennels has been the same sort of great, helpful person that Jill was to me..and funnily enough, Zena also got her first Mini Wire from Jill..  Zena was with Jill up until an hour before she passed away, so we both have a great bond and great memories through Jill

I am grateful to Zena for all her help and advice and wish her all the best and continued success in the future. She is a legend and has bred over 150 Champions and made and broken all the mini wire records



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