MEYDAK - Mini Wire haired Dachshunds Australia


MEYDAK - Miniature Wire Haired Dachshunds 


After my come back to Dachshunds I went to register my old prefix Bardak and found it was not available, so I had to find another suitable one.  I looked at a few and eventually chose Meydak. I decided to start in miniature wire haired dachshunds and went to Sydney to look at what was available at both the Sydney Royal Easter Show and the Dachshund Club of NSW shows.

I met some old friends too from years gone by and renewed old acquaintances.  In view of my age I didn't want to start with simply "average dogs" but dogs of a higher quality and if possible a more mature one, not a puppy. I almost bought one from a Victorian breeder, only to find out it had never come into season and probably would not be a reliable breeder as she was already 3 years old so I decided against it 

I thought long and hard about the unavailability of high quality dogs here in Australia and decided to go to the UK where  better quality dogs might be available. The kennel that stood out was of course Drakesleat.  They had won so many top awards and records plus the Baron von Gin Gin award   I remember showing Ch Silvae Cider, a mini wire for Jill Johnston (Silvae Mini Wires) at Birmingham in the 70's. The Best of Breed came down to "Cider" and a lovely boy named Ch Drakesleat Klunk Klick - owned and handled by Suzanne Raphael and Bred by Zena Thorn-Andrews,.  Ch Drakesleat Klunk Klick became a breed record holder for the most CC's won  27 in all till it was stolen from him by other champion Drakesleats Ai Jail and Ai Jac then Ch Drakesleat Winalot (41 CCs) then Ch Drakesleat Scent Sybil (43 CCs) and again taken by Ch Drakesleat Win alot (45 CCs ) the current record holder 

Another person on previous visits  really impressed me with her mini wires was Suzanne De Berne ( Rigol mini wires) - not only were they good specimens but also dappled  .She and her lines have since gone, too as has Mary Gray of the  Paxford Peggy Hood Wright of the Sellwoods Muriel Rhodes and so on

Zena Thorn-Andrews however, continued her breeding and improved her dogs immensely and became by far the best examples available. (See "Awards" page on this site).

Therefore, I decided that I would like to get a Drakesleat dog, provided they were available,  I introduced myself to Zena by email, informing her that I had Standard Smooths Dachshunds from Jill Johnson's Silvae lines. She informed me that her first Miniature Wire Haired Dachshund was  Silvae Mandymouse  from Jill,  Thus we became good friends.. Being such a fountain of knowledge , Zena became a valuable mentor to me, just as Jill had been. I have stayed with Zena when l went to Crufts and at that time she had 26 Champions at home  

Both my original imports, Fred and Spicy and their progeny have the most wonderful natures, and this attracts many favourable comments from both friends and strangers alike. Life on the boat suits these characters and they are with me all day every day and are my very constant and loving, loyal companions , making my life very happy. You will see in my "fun pics" page how they enjoy life on the water and how happy they are here. They can give cheek to other dogs from the safety of the boat and often do, they love eating soldier crabs when we go walking numerous times a day on the beach. They chase balls, swim,  ride surf boards, paddle boards , kayaks and constantly amused and having fun. I am so pleased things went as they did and now I am showing again and have made 10 into champions plus been able to help others get their dogs titled too.     

My dogs are my life and these guys and girls are the greatest ever.

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