MEYDAK - Mini Wire haired Dachshunds Australia

Baron Von Gingins Medal

Award received from the VDH (German Kennel Club).


This award was awarded to Zena Thorn Andrews UK for her contribution to the Dachshund world   She was one of 2 only people to ever receive this outside of a German  . Zena has been the Top Breeder in UK owning or breeding almost 120 mini wire champions as well as about 30 Irish Wolfhound champions  .She has judged Best In Show at Cruft's and sits on many committees for the Kennel Club of Gr Britain . It was so great being able to get my first 2 mini wires from such a great respected kennel . Zena has also been a wonderful mentor to me and I am so grateful for her help 

Contact Details

Barry Meyers
Southport, QLD, Australia
Phone : 0405446940
Email : [email protected]