MEYDAK - Mini Wire haired Dachshunds Australia

Drakesleat JP Win Jo



No pictures available of Drakesleat Win Jo. The photos above is his Sire Ch / UK & JP Drakesleat JP Trier Winshoten. And below are some of his great wins. He is also Sire of Champion UK Drakesleat Win Alot, the former record breaking mini wire in UK. He lost his title to his kennelmate Champion UK Drakesleat Scent Sybil, the current top bitch ever. Win Jo is three quarter brother to Sybil's mother.


Notable Wins

TOP MINI WIRE Japan 2006

Best Dog Blackpool 2007

Res CC Leeds 2007

Res CC Midland Dachs 2007

Res CC Birmingham City 2007

CC South Wales KA 2007

CC Wirehaired Dachshund Club 2007

CC Lancs & Cheshire Dachshund Club 2007

CC Best of Breed BEST IN SHOW Great Joint Dachs. Club 2007

CC Best of Breed LKA 2007

Finalist Dachshund of the Year 2007


CC Dachs Club of Wales 2008

CC Best of Breed Reserve Best in Show Min Club 2008

 CC Best of Breed 3 Counties 2008

GROUP 3 CC Best of Breed S.W.K.A 2008

CC Dachs. Club 2008

CC Best of Breed BEST IN SHOW Wire Club 2008

CC Best of Breed Great Joint Dachs. Club 2008

TOP MIN WIRE Wire Club 07/08

CC Best of Breed LKA 08

TOP SIRE Our Dogs 2008



 GROUP 1  Best Of Breed Boston 2009

CC Dachs Club of Wales 2009

CC Best of Breed Bath 2009

GROUP 3 CC Best of Breed Three Counties 2009

GROUP 3 Best of Breed Border Union 2009

CC Best of Breed Birmingham City 2009

GROUP 4 CC Best of Breed Midland Counties 2009

GROUP 3 CC Best of Breed Bath 2010

TOP STUD DOG 2009, 2010, 2011







  Breed: Miniature Wire Haired Dachshund  
Sex: Dog Colour: Dark Brindle
Bred By : Junji Iwama
Owned by : Barry Meyers
Pedigree for Drakesleat JP Win Jo
Ch / Jap & UK Drakesleat JP Trier Winshoten Ch / Jap Ch Drakesleat JP BaroTrier Top Stud dog in the Hound group 2008 Int Ch Laughable Rock K JP Denice Baro
Laughable Rock JP Joi Christi
Jap Ch Drakesleat JP Simon Holly

Top Bitch Japan 2002

Ch Drakesleat Simon Parsnip
Ch Drakesleat Art Frob
Drakesleat JP Once Kanin Ch / Jap & UK Drakesleat JP Jest Dis Once Ch UK Drakesleat Surely You Jest
Jap Ch Drakesleat JP Simon Holly

Top Bitch Japan 2002

Laughable Rock Dom Holiday Laughable Rock JP Joi Dom
Laughable Rock JP Denise Guiollo

Contact Details

Barry Meyers
Southport, QLD, Australia
Phone : 0405446940
Email : [email protected]