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Bardak Standard Smooth Dachshunds

BARDAK - My first Prefix 

 I have been lucky with my dogs over the 60 years I have bred, showed and owned Dachshunds, however my first two Dachshunds were not up to the standard I desired so I decided to go to the best around...

The best available in Australia at that time in my opinion, were the "Mourilyan" Dachsunds of Betty Langham in Melbourne. She had imported the Eng Ch Zilla von Weyher (a Bitch, by Silvae Sailors Quest) whom she mated to Grendon Miraculous (by Silvae Lustre) produced the Champions Mourilyan Zephyr,Zonda,Zoe and Zenith  Betty then later on mated her to Ch Silvae Query.litter brother to Sailors Quest ,  Zilla's Dad  This mating produced the Champions Mourilyan Zenobia ZsaZSa and Zarella Betty then imported Dirck Von Weyher from James Langdale in UK .  Dirck was by Eng Ch Ashdown Skipper ex Karen Vom Weyher a litter sister to Zilla and both by Ch Silvae Sailors Quest    I purchased Ch Mourilyan Marna (1960) and Ch Mourilyan Benze,(1958) down from these famous ancestors ,both of whom I titled.quickly   

Mr James Langdale, breeder of the Von Weyher dogs in England (which were Betty's foundation dogs at Mourilyan), came to Australia and judged a Dachshund Club of NSW Show.  He gave Ch Silvae Keepsake "Best in Show", and CH Windswept Climax a son of Ch Silvae Keepsake Runner  up.    Ch Silvae Keepsake was the sire of many great winners including the litter brothers Ch Lambrigg Sylvanus, Ch Lambrigg Souvenir,ex Ch Mourilyan Zsa Zsa ,a daughter of Ch Silvae Query and  Eng and Aust Ch Zilla Von Weyher , . Close breeding what ?   Silvae Query mated to Zilla also produced  Ch Mourilyan Zenobia who went to Bill and Pat Mc Lennon  When mated to Ch Silvae Keepsake produced  Ch Nilbua Zenobia   She is the  dam of ChNillbua Denzil also a great winner for MrTom Knight and down from this Tom produced Ch Leura LIberace the breed record holder to this day with over 100 best in shows all breeds to his credit     Ch Silvae Keepsake when mated to Ch Silvae Withywand produced Ch Nillbua Wunderlust. Ch Nillbua Wilhelmina Ch Nillbua Willhelm  and NZ Ch Nillbua Wanda      Windswept bred Ch Windswept Climax a Royal Winner from him so I decided to use him too on one of my bitches.  I continued line breeding to the famous Silvae Stock.till my stock all died out because of work committments l couldnt show or breed   Other Silvae dogs came but none in my opinion were as good as Ch Query and Ch Keepsake   Eng Ch Silvae Frank ,Silvae Foolscap,  Silvae Willywin ,Ch Silvae Vega , Silvae Gobbi and my Eng Ch Silvae Rodney a Crufts CC winner .  Ch Nillbua Wanderlust (pure Silvae bred) was mated to NZ Ch Silvae Astrea and bred a super litter all becoming champions in Australia and or New Zealand and one Ch Fortuna of  Long Bay winning Best Opposite sex in Show at a Melbourne Royal with over 5000 dogs shown

Later, I went to the UK  and stayed with Jill Johnston ( nee Workman, of Silvae Kennels) and purchased Eng Ch Silvae Rodney on Jill's advice, after discussing what I lacked and what I wanted in my dogs. Jill had also stayed with me in Canberra and had seen my dogs  . He added such elegance into his progeny; with beautiful fronts and elegant long necks.  Jill was such a great mentor for me and taught me so much  She had a retentive memory and was able to talk about great dogs of the past , telling me their virtues as well in some case faults they produced . Then with a dramatic change in my workplace and lifestyle, and I moved to Queensland ,where time restrictions made it impossible to continue breeding and all my dogs just died of old age. The best bitch l ever bred was Bardak Reta a daughter of EngCH Silvae Rodney and my Ch Bardak Zeta a RCC winner at Sydney and Adelaide Royals under a great whippet man from Scotland  Badenoch Nicolson and if my memory is correct Hans Letinen from Sweden 

After my retirement, I decided to return to dog showing and breeding . Jill Workman had passed away by this time, meaning there were no more Silvae dogs for the future. In my opinion, the standard smooth dachshunds in Australia had deteriorated in quality,in the 20 years or so since l stopped breeding  and it was then that I decided to go to Miniature Wire Haired Dachshunds....

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